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Constantinople, not Byzantion.

I arrived in Istanbul this morning at about 6am and had a nice cup of tea with Alissa before heading off to find our hostel, only to find that it was closed and empty. We waited around for a while and were graciously looked after by the two hotels next door until the owner returned at about half ten. When he arrived, he told us that it was no longer a hostel, as the previous owner had sold it. But because we pre-booked, we could still stay. It turns out that we now get the whole hostel to ourselves!

The Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet, at 6am.



3 responses to “Constantinople, not Byzantion.

  1. Elspeth ⋅

    That is so strange! Why do things like this always happen to you?! Is this the same hostel ou stayed in last time, with the alcoholic owner? I was really looking forward to meeting him one day.

    Have a hot lezzo for me.

    • It is indeed, the alcoholic is gone, but his younger friend is still here, which is nice. I’ll have an elma cay for you, as soon as I’ve finished convincing Alissa about the benefits of coffee.

  2. turkischland ⋅

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